Eco Friendly Boxes and Trays

Made from sugarcane bagasse, our boxes and trays provide a healthier and more sustainable alternative to foam, plastic and paper. Serve your delicious food in our 100% compostable, sturdy and leak-proof packaging. Shop our wide variety of products at reasonable prices and fast shipping!

Why We Are

Naturally Compostable.

We are determined & poised to substitute environmental hazardous materials like plastic & polymer-based products, which are a major cause of environmental degradation across the world by promoting environmentally-friendly products which are sustainably sourced.

100% Food Safety

Adhering to the most stringent raw materials and GMP process control standards.

100% Degradable

Perfectly compostable under natural conditions within 90 days.

Save More Trees

With Every Sip, Reduce deforestation, save the world with every straw.


No odour, allowing you to savour your favorite food fully.

Our Amazing Products

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Bringing you the best possible greener packaging solutions for your food products.

Our plastic-free food packaging & straws are made from sugarcane pulp, an eco-friendly alternative to nasty single-use plastics. Instead of having to throw away used sugarcane bagasse (fibres), we rescue, recycle and transform what would have been agricultural and commercial waste into eco-friendly food packaging. This prevents unnecessary landfill waste. The circular economy in action!

Ideal for restaurants, hotels and bars, our products can also be used to carry leftovers or as an alternative to containing your takeouts when eating out. Available in multiple sizes.

We protect the Earth with sustainable packaging for food businesses.

At K & W Eco Plus, we believe that takeaway convenience should not cost the Earth. Make a difference today by choosing 100% compostable packaging that works for your business & the planet!

Zero Waste at Heart K & W Eco Plus pledges to join forces with our communities of customers to reduce usage of plastic and other toxic materials, for everyone's well-being.

Our mission is to set new standards for a zero waste future, which simply starts from enabling consumers access to our high-quality, eco-friendly products for everyday use.

Who We Are

We Help Make A Better World Through Our Zero Waste Process


Every sugarcane, from planting to harvesting, is carefully maintained and controlled to not cause pollution.


Sugar is extracted from harvested sugarcane by our KTIS sugar factories.


Bagasse (sugarcane fibre) is obtained as by product from sugarcane processing

Bagasse Pulp

We then further process Bagasse into Bagasse pulp, which is the primary raw material for many applications.

Strong Odourless Bagasse Boxes and Trays

Bagasse pulp then turns into strong odourless bagasse Boxes and Trays, completely compostable, and can be used as fertiliser for the next plantation.

Need To Buy Sustainable Packaging in Bulk?

We Accept bulk orders! Contact us to learn more about our wholesale pricing.