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Why we are different.

Our products are much stronger and more durable than current green alternatives on the market. They are made as a by-product of the sugar-making process, and are 100% compostable under natural conditions.

100% Food Safety

Adhering to the most stringent raw materials and GMP process control standards.

100% Degradable

Perfectly compostable under natural conditions within 90 days.

Supply chain

Our partners own the full supply chain, ensuring superior quality and uninterrupted supply

Save More Trees

With Every use, Reduce deforestation, save the world with every straw.

Odourless, Neutral Taste

No odour or taste, allowing you to savour your favorite food and drinks.

100% User Experience

Our products are strong and durable, providing a premium user experience.

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600ml Clamshell

Weight: 20g Dimension: 135*185*45/60mm 50pcs/bag

deep 9inch 3c plate

Weight: 25g Dimension: 222*222*32mm 50pcs/bag

10" Square Plate

Weight: 28g Dimension: 262X262X19.59mm 50pcs/bag

8" Square Plate

Weight: 16g Dimension: 200X200X15mm 50pcs/bag

6" Square Plate

Weight: 14g Dimension: 159*159*15.04mm 50pcs/bag

12.5" x 10" Oval Plate

Weight: 30g Dimension: 318x255x22mm 50pcs/bag

10" x 8" Oval Plate

Weight: 17g Dimension: 263X199X20mm 50pcs/bag

10" 3-Compartment Plate

Weight: 20g Dimension: φ261X25.6mm 50pcs/bag

10" Plate

Weight: 20g Dimension: φ261X20.6mm 50pcs/bag

9“ 2-Compartment plate

Weight: 15g Dimension: φ230X20.6mm 50pcs/bag

Zero waste at heart K & W Eco Plus pledges to join forces with our communities of customers to reduce usage of plastic and other toxic materials, for everyone's well-being.

Our mission is to set new standards for the zero-waste future, which simply started by enabling consumers access to all of our high-quality eco-friendly products of everyday use.


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600ml Clamshell

Weight: 20g Dimension: 135*185*45/60mm 50pcs/bag

9" x 6" Clamshell

Weight: 30g Dimension: 310*229.8*50.6/32.5mm 50pcs/bag

9" x 9" 3-C Clamshell

Weight: 45g Dimension: 470*237*54.5/30.6mm 50pcs/bag

8" x 8" 3-C Clamshell

Weight: 38g Dimension: 438*206*41.8/32.6mm 50pcs/bag

9" x 6" Clamshell

Weight: 30g Dimension: 323*250.9*50/20.6mm 50pcs/bag

8" x 8" Clamshell

Weight: 38g Dimension: 433*206.8*40.7/30.6mm 50pcs/bag

9" x 9" Clamshell

Weight: 45g Dimension: 470*238*54.5/30mm 50pcs/bag

5" x 5" Clamshell

Weight: 19g Dimension: 305*149.7*50/35mm 50pcs/bag

6" x 6" Clamshell

Weight: 21g Dimension: 306*149*44.8/41.6mm 50pcs/bag

9" x 6" 2-C Clamshell

Weight: 30g Dimension: 323*250.9*50/20.6mm 50pcs/bag

Let’s all go green!

Why use sugarcane bagasse packaging?

The Zero waste future is no longer a visionary idea but the blossoming realities of our production line, from the beginning to end.

Strong and odour-free

Eco Friendly, more sustainable than paper

100% Naturally Compostable

GMP Certified and FDA compliant

Breaks down naturally in 90 days