Our plastic-free straw is made using sugarcane bagasse which is an agricultural waste product from the sugar industry.

Dimensions 6*215mm
Weight (g)
Units per sleeve 50pcs/bag

Common size straw


6*215 Standard size

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*Items are sold per sleeve

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  • Odourless
  • Water & Oil Resistant
  • Plastic-Free & Safe Raw Materials
  • Strong & Durable
  • Microwave & Refrigerator Safe
  • 100% Biodegradable & Compostable

Bringing you the best possible greener packaging solutions for your food products.

Our plastic-free food packaging & straws are made from sugarcane pulp, an eco-friendly alternative to nasty single-use plastics. Instead of having to throw away used sugarcane bagasse (fibres), we rescue, recycle and transform what would have been agricultural and commercial waste into eco-friendly food packaging. This prevents unnecessary landfill waste. The circular economy in action!

Ideal for restaurants, hotels and bars, our products can also be used to carry leftovers or as an alternative to containing your takeouts when eating out. Available in multiple sizes.

We protect the Earth with sustainable packaging for food businesses.

At K & W Eco Plus, we believe that takeaway convenience should not cost the Earth. Make a difference today by choosing 100% compostable packaging that works for your business & the planet!

Who We Are

We Help Make A Better World
Through Our Zero Waste Process


Nov 2021

Sugar Cane

Every sugarcane, from planting to harvesting, is carefully maintained and controlled to not cause pollution.

Nov 2021

Bagasse Pulp

We then further process Bagasse into Bagasse pulp, which is the primary raw material for many applications.

Nov 2021


Bagasse pulp then turns into strong odourless bagasse straws and packaging, completely compostable, and can be used as fertiliser for the next plantation.

Nov 2021


Sugar is extracted from harvested sugarcane by our KTIS sugar factories.

Nov 2021


Bagasse (sugarcane fibre) is obtained as by product from sugarcane processing

Jan 2022

Bagasse Straws

Bagasse pulp then turns into strong odourless bagasse straws, which are completely compostable, and can be used as fertiliser for the next plantation.

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