5 Reasons To Switch To Sustainable Food Packaging Right Now (Sugarcane Bagasse)

As the world experiences and confronts the effects of climate change caused by industrialisation, the moment has come for businesses to start going green.

Sustainability has become a buzzword in the corporate world, and consumers nowadays are more than willing to support environmentally-conscious enterprises to mitigate the continuous deterioration of our planet. One of the shifts that companies should look into is replacing plastics with eco-friendly packaging.

This article will delve deep into why businesses should switch from plastic to sustainable food packaging.


Five Reasons to switch to sustainable sugarcane bagasse food packaging

Industrially Compostable

Sugarcane stalks for bagasse packaging are a sustainable alternative to current packaging options.

One of sugarcane bagasse’s vital characteristics is its compostability. This means you can reuse it as an eco-friendly fertiliser to enrich your soil through decomposition. Depending on the composting methods and conditions, it usually takes one to six months to decompose into compostable organic matter. Your customers can use it in their gardens instead of sending and throwing them into a landfill.

Landfills have since been causing harm by leaching toxins into the earth and, eventually, the water systems. Using sugarcane bagasse can significantly contribute to decreasing landfill garbage and toxicity.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Sugarcane bagasse lowers the carbon footprint caused by the mass production of food packaging. It plays a crucial role in the widespread adoption of sustainable packaging across countries.

Mass production of plastic packaging involves the use of fossil fuels with carbon dioxide emission as its by-product. Excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere causes global warming, creating a strain on the environment and natural resources. Using sustainable and eco-friendly food packaging helps in mitigating environmental damage.

Improves Brand Image

Nowadays, people are more deliberate in choosing the products they purchase. One of the primary concerns among consumers is the packaging of the items they buy and how it impacts the environment.

The commitment to using compostable and environmentally-friendly food packaging can improve the image of your company and win over potential customers.

Increases Bottom Line

Increase Sales

Not only will adapting to sustainable food packaging promote a positive brand image, but it also helps in improving your bottom line.

As the awareness about the environmental issues confronting the world today heightens, there is also an increase in demand for eco-friendly products and packaging among consumers, thus, helping in increasing sales.

Save Money

Sugarcane bagasse can be used for lightweight packaging, which can reduce shipping costs. In addition, your buyers will enjoy products that are lightweight, recyclable, or manufactured from recycled materials.

Abundant Supply

A further benefit of bagasse and other sugarcane products is that they can be reproduced easily in less than a year. This renders the sugarcane crop to be less susceptible to supply shortages, which makes it reliable for long-term usage and planning. It is also comparably priced to plastics and widely available.

Toxin-Free Packaging

Certain toxic compounds such as lead, mercury, phthalates, dioxins, and other chemicals can be present in plastic packaging. These substances can cause allergic reactions and may inhibit intellectual growth.

On the other hand, sugarcane bagasse is a natural plant fibre that is entirely toxin-free. It is safe to use and reuse by everyone.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous reasons why switching to eco-friendly packaging is advantageous. However, the five key benefits above are the main reasons sustainable and eco-friendly food packaging has been expanding rapidly. It creates a meaningful connection between the customers and the company through its unifying cause. Businesses can now enjoy their financial success while also exploring a food packaging option that upholds the cause of preserving and saving the environment.

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